As food lovers, we are passionate about creating the highest quality baked products with a minimum of additives or preservatives. At the Polish Village Bread, we continually strive to improve the taste and range of our products, which are all handmade and wherever possible, based on authentic Polish recipes. Currently, we make many types of baked products, including speciality bread, rolls, cakes, pastries and cream cakes.

Did you know…
Poppy seed cake is traditional and very popular Polish dessert.

It consists of a yeast cake stuffed with minced poppy seed, raisins, almonds or walnuts. Once baked, it is usually decorated with icing and orange peel. In Poland, the poppy seed pod, with its cornucopia of seeds, has long been considered a symbol of fertility and is associated with the plenty of harvest time. As a result, many Poles believe that eating poppy seed cake at the beginning of the growing season will bring them luck and abundance for the rest of the year.